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Weekly Quote #5

If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you will find an excuse.  Unknown

Writer’s Resouce: NaNo


As October comes to close, writers around the world gear up for NaNo, or National Novel Writing Month,  NaNoWriMo.

Run by the Office of Letters and Lights, who also coordinate a youth writing program, they challenge people to write a first draft of a new novel in one month.  50K in 30 days.

Always told yourself you would write a book someday?  Someday can become today.  Well, Friday, actually.  No cheating.  The challenge is run on the honor system and the only one you’ll be hurting is yourself.  You and your novel.

The reward?  A competed first draft of a novel.  And some discounts from the sponsors.

I tried NaNo for the first time last year and won.  Along the way I discovered some tools that I will share throughout the month.  The first is the website itself, full of forums, motivation, and regional groups that organize write-ins the help writers achieve their 50k words.

May the muse be with you.


Submission Guidelines: Asimov’s


The main focus is science fiction but they will take borderline fantasy, but no Sword and Sorcery.

They detail a payment scale for short stories and poetry.

They do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Average response time is five weeks.  Wait three months to query if there has been no response.  They provide a tracking number to follow the status of a submission.

Writer’s Resource: Spacejock Software

Spacejock Software

Spacejock offers free software that perform various tasks.  Relevant to this blog’s focus are:

yWriter5- a writing programs similar to Scrivener with a few less bells and whistles; and

Sonar3- a tracking system for who you have sent what stories and what was the response.  Similar to Duotrope, except your information is not available to others.  Which means you can’t learn from other people’s experiences, either.

Simon Haynes, the creator, proudly claims his software is virus free and walks you through how to ensure it is.

May the muse be with you,

Kelly Dunn

Submission Guidelines: ARDOR Literary Magazine

ARDOR Literary Magazine

ARDOR is a new, online magazine.  Their first publication came out in January 2013 and has published twice since.  The most recent edition is available at the website to view for free.

They accept multiple and simultaneous submissions.  Response time is two months, possibly shorter.

They do pay for publication, but they also have a submission fee to cover the cost of paying the authors.

May the muse be with you,

Kelly Dunn