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Writer’s Resource: Editors

For authors considering self-publication, there are a lot of extra roles the author must fill that a traditional publisher provides.  Among them is editing.  Even if you are going the traditional publishing, route there is the debate of whether or not to use an editor before shopping for and agent or publisher.

SFWA provides a lengthy discussion on when to seek out an editor, what to look for in an editor, and what you will and won’t be getting when you hire an editor.   Even better, they provide a few links to well established editors.

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Writer’s Resource: MSWL

Because I took such a long hiatus, I’m back with a couple links all centering around one idea.  What do editors and agents want to see?  What is on their manuscript wish list?

You could go to twitter and check out #MSWL.  This is convenient because not only are you getting information on what would interest them, but you are getting their twitter name.  Take that first step in stalking researching them.

There is also a tumbler account that collects the twitter information and organizes it all with handy tags.

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