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Writer’s Resource: Editors

For authors considering self-publication, there are a lot of extra roles the author must fill that a traditional publisher provides.  Among them is editing.  Even if you are going the traditional publishing, route there is the debate of whether or not to use an editor before shopping for and agent or publisher.

SFWA provides a lengthy discussion on when to seek out an editor, what to look for in an editor, and what you will and won’t be getting when you hire an editor.   Even better, they provide a few links to well established editors.

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Writer’s Resource: Forward Motion for Writers

Forward Motion for Writers

Forward Motion for Writers is a place where writers help other writers, all with the goal of getting published.

Everything, from the discussion boards to the classes, are free.

A couple years ago they added a section for the Indie publishing industry due to the changes in self-publication

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Writer’s Resource: Writer Beware

Writer Beware

Writer Beware is dedicated to educating writers, established and aspiring, of questionable practices within the publishing world. It is operated by the previously mentioned Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with support from Mystery Writers of America and Horror Writers Association.

There may be some overlap with a site I mentioned a while ago, Preditors and Editors, but Writer Beware covers a wide range of topics, from publishing scams, advise on the realistic expectations of publication, and resources for legal action.

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Writer’s Resource: Writers.Com


Writers.Com is another online writing community, not to be confused with last weeks Writing.Com.

Writers.Com offers online courses and a system to join a writing group. Everything is online so there are no set meeting times, it works around your schedule. It also offers links to tips and resources on publishing and grammar.

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Writer’s Resource: Dialogue

Lit Reactor

This is a nice primer on dialogue, tags, and the use of said.

The rest of the site is worth a look, with more essays on craft, offers for workshops and classes. Some of it is for members only. Looks like there is a membership fee, but there is plenty of free stuff available if you dig through the multitude of links.

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Writer’s Resource: Brandon Sanderson Lectures

Write About Dragons

Brandon Sanderson, a SF/F writer most known for his Mistborn series and finishing the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series, is also a teacher at BYU.

The link brings you to a series of lectures recorded over a semester’s course.  It is not Sanderson’s website, but a former student’s, Scott Ashton, who made the recording as a part of gaining his Masters.

There are actually two sets of lectures, one from 2012, the other 2013, but from different courses. Since Sanderson does teach both, expect some overlap on topics.

The site does not work well with IE, so if you don’t have/want to download Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, here is a link to the YouTube versions.

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Writer’s Resource: Grammar

Grammar Handbook

Elements of Style

Today, I bring two sources for grammar.

The first is University of Illinois’ Center for Writing Studies online grammar handbook. The program is geared more towards non-creative writing, but there are some useful tips, and grammar is grammar.

The second is an online publication of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. If you have looked at any list of suggested readings for writers, this book is on it. It is made available, for free, through Bartleby.com which houses numerous literature and reference publications.

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Writer’s Resource: ERWA

Erotica Reader’s and Writer’s Association

I debated including ERWA in my list of resources since it is a bit edgier than anything else I’ve posted, but erotica is a legitimate, and growing, genre.  Even Gen Fiction can have a well written romance with a steamy sex scene.

ERWA’s focus is on the “world of erotica and sensual pleasures.”

The site does provide resources for writers of erotica, such as stories and calls for submissions. But, it also provides links to adult movies and forums for adult issues. If you are looking for something specific, the offerings are clearly marked so you won’t stumble across something you didn’t want, or mean, to see.

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Writer’s Resource: AWP

Association of Writers & Writing Programs

According to their own statement, AWP “provides support, advocacy, resources, and community to nearly 50,000 writers, 500 college and university creative writing programs, and 125 writers’ conferences and centers.”

Within their pages, you can find links for jobs, conferences, writing programs, and contests. A lot of the information is free. There are some things that are available only to those that have an account, which is different from being a member.

As a part in their efforts in education, they publish a magazine and provide links to articles about industry news.

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Writer’s Resource: Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers works along the same lines as Writer’s Digest. They are all about providing tools for writers.

They publish a magazine six times a year. Articles are also available through the website. They offer a place to connect with other writers as well as listings for conferences.  Need an agent or some inspiration? There are links for those, too, among many other things.

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