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Submission Guidelines: Litro


Litro is a print and online publication based out of London.

They accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

Litro asks for two weeks to three months response time.

The print publication is themed based, the online publication is not, both accept online submissions only.

Litro does not mention payment for publication.

Submission Guidelines: Malahat Review

The Malahat Review

The Malahat Review is a Canadian based, quarterly publication with a focus on contemporary issues.

They accept submissions of 1200 – 8000 words.

The Malahat Review discourages simultaneous and multiple submissions.

They accept submissions by snail mail only, though they will give responses through email.

Response time is generally up to nine months.

The Malahat Review pays a fixed rate per page and a years subscription

Submission Guidelines: on spec

on spec

on spec, a quarterly magazine, started in 1989 to fill a need for a place where Canadian authors could write speculative fiction from a Canadian’s perspective, though they have published authors from other countries.

They accept online and snail mail submissions and try to respond within four months.

on spec offers payment for publication, part of which is a years subscription.  The payment scale, based on word count, is detailed on the site.

Short stories should be a maximum of 6,000 words.

on spec does not mention multiple or simultaneous submissions.