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Writer’s Resource: AWP

Association of Writers & Writing Programs

According to their own statement, AWP “provides support, advocacy, resources, and community to nearly 50,000 writers, 500 college and university creative writing programs, and 125 writers’ conferences and centers.”

Within their pages, you can find links for jobs, conferences, writing programs, and contests. A lot of the information is free. There are some things that are available only to those that have an account, which is different from being a member.

As a part in their efforts in education, they publish a magazine and provide links to articles about industry news.

May the Muse be with you,


Writer’s Resource: Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers works along the same lines as Writer’s Digest. They are all about providing tools for writers.

They publish a magazine six times a year. Articles are also available through the website. They offer a place to connect with other writers as well as listings for conferences.  Need an agent or some inspiration? There are links for those, too, among many other things.

May the Muse be with you,


Writer’s Resource: Aerogramme Writer’s Studio

Aerogramme Writer’s Studio

Aerogramme Writer’s Studio’s goal is to share news and resources for writers.  It includes things such as publishing opportunities and articles on writing.  One such is the article about Story Spine I mentioned in a previous post.

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Submission Guidelines: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction is printed 6 times a year.  A free, shortened version is available through Amazon for the Kindle and will give you an idea of content.

It accepts fantasy and science fiction short stories.  The guidelines page states it sees a lot of fantasy and would like to see more science fiction.

Submit by snail mailing the full manuscript.  No simultaneous submissions.

Pay is 7-12 cents per word up to 25.000 words.

There’s an  eight week response time.

Submission Guidelines: ARDOR Literary Magazine

ARDOR Literary Magazine

ARDOR is a new, online magazine.  Their first publication came out in January 2013 and has published twice since.  The most recent edition is available at the website to view for free.

They accept multiple and simultaneous submissions.  Response time is two months, possibly shorter.

They do pay for publication, but they also have a submission fee to cover the cost of paying the authors.

May the muse be with you,

Kelly Dunn


Submission Guidelines: White Cat Publications

White Cat Publications

White Cat Publications is the home of thirteen magazines, one of which is Aoife’s Kiss.  Each magazine has their own rules so be sure to check the various links.

The page doesn’t list each of the thirteen but they do have a list across the top of the genres they print.  Those will take you to samples of each magazine in that genre, but not their guidelines.  You’ll have to do some searching from there.

May the muse be with you,

Kelly Dunn

Writer’s Resource: Writers Digest

Writer’s Digest

I thought long and  hard about what my first writing resource link should be.  Okay, not really.  But I wanted something that would encompass everything I wanted to do with this blog.  Writer’s Digest does the job.  They are all about educating the writer.

It’s the mother-load of information in various formats and it comes in a well-organized package.  They offer webinars and tutorials.  They have a magazine and an e-newsletter.  They have links to resources, conventions, articles, blogs, and contests.  Each link is easy to follow and they offer suggestions on what else to look at.

If you write novels, short stories, or poetry, you can’t go wrong looking here.