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Writer’s Resource: Word Count Applications

With NaNo fast approaching, here are a few options to help encourage achieving the daily word count goal.

Write or Die – this offers the carrot and stick options for writing, using pictures, sounds and colors based on how well the writing goes. Application charges fee for download.

750Words – based on the idea of writing three pages a day, the site offers rewards in the form of points and monthly contests. Site charges a fee after a free trial membership.

Written? Kitten! – operates on a reward system. Site shows a picture after so many words. Default is of kittens, but can be changed. Use is free.

ilys – does not allow the writer to edit until the world goal is reached.  The writing box doesn’t even show the entire document, just the last letter type. Once the word count is reached then you can access the full piece and edit. Use is free.

Writeometer – an android app that supplies graphs for tracking word counts, rewards for achieving goals, and sends notifications to remind you to write. Download is free.

There is also the previously mentioned HabitRPG.

May the Muse be With You,



Writers Resource: HabitRPG

Habit RPG

This weeks link is not so much a writing resource as it is a life resource.  It is a habit building app/site that “gamifies” your life.

I first heard about this when my local library hosted a writers conference last month and author Jim C. Hines mentioned it in relation to getting in his daily word count.

The idea is to create a list of habits and to-do’s.  Get them done and you click them off to earn points.  Get enough points to get gold and you move up levels and earn rewards.  Move up enough levels, the rewards get bigger.  Not interested in arming your avatar, create your own list of rewards and how much gold they are worth to you.

Don’t do the tasks and you lose health points.  Lose too much health and your character dies.

I listed posting on this blog as one of my habits and you can see how well I’ve done, so far.  They say it takes 21 times to make a habit.

May the Muse be with you.