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Submission Guidelines: Litro


Litro is a print and online publication based out of London.

They accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

Litro asks for two weeks to three months response time.

The print publication is themed based, the online publication is not, both accept online submissions only.

Litro does not mention payment for publication.

Submission Guidelines: The Buenos Aires Review

Buenos Aires Review

The Buenos Aires Review is a bilingual, digital publication.

They accept simultaneous submissions.

The Buenos Aires Review accepts submissions online only.

Submissions should be under 5,000 words.

There is no mention of payment or response time.

Submission Guidelines: The Sonder Review

The Sonder Review

The Sonder Review is a new quarterly publication available online and in print.

Sonder Review accepts submissions from May 1 to August 31.

They accept simultaneous submissions, and two pieces of work per submission period.

Short stories should be no more than 3 thousand words.

Sonder Review’s response time is within two weeks of the end of the submission period.

They accept submissions through email only

The Sonder Review does not pay for publication but will provide three printed copies of the issue.

Submission Guidelines: The Quotable

The Quotable

The Quotable is a quarterly online and print publication. Each issue is focused around a theme and quote.

They do accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

The Quotable accepts submissions online only.

At this time, they do not pay for publication.

The Quotable does not list a response time, but is only open for a specific time period for each theme.

Writer’s Resource: Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers works along the same lines as Writer’s Digest. They are all about providing tools for writers.

They publish a magazine six times a year. Articles are also available through the website. They offer a place to connect with other writers as well as listings for conferences.  Need an agent or some inspiration? There are links for those, too, among many other things.

May the Muse be with you,


Submission Guidelines: The Madison Review

The Madison Review

The Madison Review is a student-run, semi-annual journal published by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Madison Review does accept simultaneous submissions, there is no mention of multiple submissions.

There is no mention of pay, but they do charge a submission fee.

The Madison Review does not list a response time.

All submissions are online.

Submission Guidelines: InterGalactic Medicine Show

InterGalactic Medicine Show

IGMS is Orson Scott Card’s online, biannual SF/F publication.

They pay six cents per word and counts towards SFWA membership.

IGMS does not accept multiple submissions, no mention of simultaneous submissions.

All submissions are online.

IGMS asks for three months for response time and that authors keep in mind their PG-13 rating.