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Writer’s Resource: Writer Beware

Writer Beware

Writer Beware is dedicated to educating writers, established and aspiring, of questionable practices within the publishing world. It is operated by the previously mentioned Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with support from Mystery Writers of America and Horror Writers Association.

There may be some overlap with a site I mentioned a while ago, Preditors and Editors, but Writer Beware covers a wide range of topics, from publishing scams, advise on the realistic expectations of publication, and resources for legal action.

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Writer’s Resource: Brandon Sanderson Lectures

Write About Dragons

Brandon Sanderson, a SF/F writer most known for his Mistborn series and finishing the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series, is also a teacher at BYU.

The link brings you to a series of lectures recorded over a semester’s course.  It is not Sanderson’s website, but a former student’s, Scott Ashton, who made the recording as a part of gaining his Masters.

There are actually two sets of lectures, one from 2012, the other 2013, but from different courses. Since Sanderson does teach both, expect some overlap on topics.

The site does not work well with IE, so if you don’t have/want to download Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, here is a link to the YouTube versions.

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Writer’s Resource: Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers works along the same lines as Writer’s Digest. They are all about providing tools for writers.

They publish a magazine six times a year. Articles are also available through the website. They offer a place to connect with other writers as well as listings for conferences.  Need an agent or some inspiration? There are links for those, too, among many other things.

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Writers Resource: SFWA

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

I’ve mentioned SFWA in a few posts in relation to magazine submissions.  SFWA is a professional organization for science fiction and fantasy writers founded in 1965. There are some privileges afford to members only, but the website is a gold mine of information. Even for those who don’t write SF/F.

There are resources for educators and readers, a blog, they sponsor Writer Beware, provide links to craft tips and tools, and host the Nebula Awards.

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Writer’s Resource: Aerogramme Writer’s Studio

Aerogramme Writer’s Studio

Aerogramme Writer’s Studio’s goal is to share news and resources for writers.  It includes things such as publishing opportunities and articles on writing.  One such is the article about Story Spine I mentioned in a previous post.

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Writers Resource: Preditors and Editors

Preditors and Editors

Preditors and Editors is most well-known for its list of legitimate literary agents and those that have a not-so-stellar reputation. But it offers much more than that.

The menu that runs along the side provides links to job search engines, publishers, writers conventions, writing software, as well as a chat and forum space.

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Writer’s Resource: MSWL

Because I took such a long hiatus, I’m back with a couple links all centering around one idea.  What do editors and agents want to see?  What is on their manuscript wish list?

You could go to twitter and check out #MSWL.  This is convenient because not only are you getting information on what would interest them, but you are getting their twitter name.  Take that first step in stalking researching them.

There is also a tumbler account that collects the twitter information and organizes it all with handy tags.

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Writing Resource: Unexpected Lessons

Lightning Droplets

This is a post from a fellow writer who wandered over my way and liked one of my posts.  Titled Notches on a Bedpost: Unexpected Lessons Learned from Submitting Writing to LitMags Every Day, it’s high on inspiration.

It also has links.  Some are the magazines explored and submitted to.  Another is the original post that inspired her.  If you wander her way, show her some love for being so bold and brave.

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Writer’s Resource: Terribleminds


This one is a specific article at Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terribleminds.  Guest author Delilah S. Dawson offers up 25 Steps to Becoming a Traditionally Published Author.  It’s funny but blunt.  Seriously, the first two rules equate to write or GTFO.

Since I’m still trudging my way through the first couple of steps, I can’t account for the veracity of all of them, but at the end of the article I had this amazing feeling of “good, at least it’s not just me.”

Not interested in traditional publishing?  Chuck answered it with a post about self publishing.  Beware, Chuck’s tagline states he uses bad language and his stuff is NSFW/NSFL.

May the muse be with you,

Kelly Dunn