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Submission Guidelines: The Writing Disorder

The Writing Disorder

The Writing Disorder is a quarterly literary magazine. The have no restrictions on subject or word length.  They even have  a spot specifically for full length manuscripts.

The Writing Disorder accepts submissions through email and snail mail.

They ask for three to six months response time.

The Writing disorder accepts simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

There is no mention of payment for publication.

Submission Guidelines: The Sonder Review

The Sonder Review

The Sonder Review is a new quarterly publication available online and in print.

Sonder Review accepts submissions from May 1 to August 31.

They accept simultaneous submissions, and two pieces of work per submission period.

Short stories should be no more than 3 thousand words.

Sonder Review’s response time is within two weeks of the end of the submission period.

They accept submissions through email only

The Sonder Review does not pay for publication but will provide three printed copies of the issue.

Submission Guidelines: Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review is a literary journal published twice a year by the University of Alaska Anchorage for over thirty years.

They accept simultaneous submissions, there is no mention of multiple submissions.

Alaska Quarterly Review accepts submissions through snail mail only.

They try to reply within six to sixteen weeks.

There is no mention if Alaska Quarterly Review pays for publication.

Submission Guidelines: Funny Times

Funny Times

Funny Times is a monthly magazine that has been publishing for thirty years. Their focus is humor and satire.

They accept multiple submissions, but ask for no more than three to five at 500-700 words.

There is no mention of simultaneous submissions.

Funny Times only accepts submissions through snail mail.

They ask for a couple months for response time.

Funny Times pays $60 per story and a subscription to Funny Times.

Submission Guidelines: InterGalactic Medicine Show

InterGalactic Medicine Show

IGMS is Orson Scott Card’s online, biannual SF/F publication.

They pay six cents per word and counts towards SFWA membership.

IGMS does not accept multiple submissions, no mention of simultaneous submissions.

All submissions are online.

IGMS asks for three months for response time and that authors keep in mind their PG-13 rating.

Submission Guidelines: Connecticut Review

The Connecticut Review

The CT review is a biannual publication  since 1967 currently run by the Connecticut State Universities.

There is no mention of simultaneous or multiple submissions.

CT Review accepts submissions from September 1 through May 15 by snail mail only.

Response time is generally three to five months.

CT Review does not pay, but they offer two contributors copies of the issue.

Submission Guidelines: Threepenny Review

The Threepenny Review

The Threepenny Review is a quarterly publication.  There are a few samples posted on the website for authors and readers to get a sense of what they publish.

They accept submissions through online or snail mail only and are not accepted July through December.

Response time for the Threepenny Review is from two days to two months.

Because of the quick response time, they do not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions.  If you do not honor their no simultaneous submissions request, they will not publish your piece.

Stories should be 4,000 words or less

The Threepenny review pays, currently $400 per story.