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Submission Guidelines: Blue Monday Review

Blue Monday Review

Blue Monday Review is a tri-quarterly print magazine. with a focus on the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut.

They accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple. They also accept previously published works.

Blue Monday Review accepts submissions through email only.

Response time averages four to five months.

Blue Monday Review offers two options for payment. A contributors copy or one share of the earnings for that publication period.

Submission Guidelines: The Writing Disorder

The Writing Disorder

The Writing Disorder is a quarterly literary magazine. The have no restrictions on subject or word length.  They even have  a spot specifically for full length manuscripts.

The Writing Disorder accepts submissions through email and snail mail.

They ask for three to six months response time.

The Writing disorder accepts simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

There is no mention of payment for publication.

Submission Guidelines: The Sonder Review

The Sonder Review

The Sonder Review is a new quarterly publication available online and in print.

Sonder Review accepts submissions from May 1 to August 31.

They accept simultaneous submissions, and two pieces of work per submission period.

Short stories should be no more than 3 thousand words.

Sonder Review’s response time is within two weeks of the end of the submission period.

They accept submissions through email only

The Sonder Review does not pay for publication but will provide three printed copies of the issue.

Submission Guidelines: Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil is dedicated to underground culture and publishes four times a year.

They accept submissions by snail mail, email, and online.

Submissions of 50 – 3000 words are accepted from February 1 to September 15.

There is no mention of multiple or simultaneous submissions.

Broken Pencil pays for publication, $50-75 for shorter pieces, up to $150 for longer pieces.

They do not list a set guideline for response time.

Submission Guidelines: Tiny Tales Of Terror

Tiny Tales of Terror

Tiny Tales of Terror is a bimonthly, drip fed magazine (each new subscriber starts at issue one).

They accept simultaneous and multiple submissions as well as reprints.

Tiny Tales of Terror accepts email submissions only.

Stories should be 5,000 words or less.

There is no mention of response time.

Tiny tales of Terror pays in digital contributor copies.

Submission Guidelines: Apple Valley Review

Apple Valley Review

Apple Valley Review is a biannual, online publication of contemporary literature.

They do not accept simultaneous submissions.  There is no mention of multiple submissions.

Apple Valley does not currently pay for publication.

They ask for at least two months for response time.

Apple Valley accepts submissions through email.

Submission Guidelines: Apex Magazine

Apex Magazine

Apex Magazine is looking for Fantasy, science fiction, horror, with a dark speculative fiction element.

They do not accept simultaneous or multiple submissions.

Apex Magazine is a SFWA-certified professional market and pay five cents per word up to 5,000 words.  If they podcast the piece, they pay one cent per word up to 5,000 words.

They accept submission by e-mail.

Apex Magazine tries to respond within 30 days.

Submission Guidelines: The Atlantic

The Atlantic

The Atlantic submission guidelines are well hidden.  I found scant information in the FAQ.

They accept email and snail mail submissions.

There is no mention of allowing simultaneous or multiple submissions.

The Atlantic does not list payment or response time.

Submission Guidelines: Flash Frontier

Flash Frontier

Flash Frontier is a New Zealand based flash fiction challenge and competition site.  They invite fellow New Zealanders and Kiwi’s abroad to join them.  I don’t know if this means others cannot participate.

They publish bi-monthly based on themes.  Submissions are accepted until the last day of the month for the next months theme.

Flash Frontier is looking for flash fiction, 250 words or less.  251 will not be accepted.

They have explicit instructions on how to submit through email.

Flash Frontier does not pay for publication, but there are prizes awarded.

Submission Guidlines: Leading Edge

Leading Edge

Leading Edge is a student run speculative fiction magazine published by BYU.

They do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Response time is four to six months.

There is no mention of pay or multiple submissions.

Submissions can be sent by snail mail or as an attachment through email.