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Submission Guidelines: Iowa Review

Iowa Review

The Iowa Review, run by the writing and literature departments at the University of Iowa publishes three times a year.

Contest submissions are accepted in January, all other submissions from September through November.

The Iowa Review accepts simultaneous submissions.

Submissions are accepted online for a fee or through snail mail.

Response time is one to four months.

Iowa Review pays eight cents per word, one hundred dollars minimum

Submission Guidelines: The Madison Review

The Madison Review

The Madison Review is a student-run, semi-annual journal published by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Madison Review does accept simultaneous submissions, there is no mention of multiple submissions.

There is no mention of pay, but they do charge a submission fee.

The Madison Review does not list a response time.

All submissions are online.

Submission Guidelines: Bellingham Review

Bellingham Review

The Bellingham review is a biannual publication, once online and once in print.  It is operated through the writing program at Western Washington University

They accept online submissions only from September 15th through December 1st.  There is a submission fee.

Bellingham review accepts simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

Response time can take from one to six months.

There is no mention if Bellingham Review pays for publication.

Submission Guidelines: Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train is a triannual publication that takes only short stories.

They accept simultaneous submissions as well as previously published pieces, if they fit within certain parameters.

There is no mention of multiple submissions but Glimmer Train breaks the year up into various contests.  All are paid, some have a fee to cover the award, others are free but offer less pay.

Glimmer Train prefers online submissions but will accept snail mail.

Response time is dictated by the publication and contest timeline.

Submission Guidelines: Boulevard


Boulevard is a literary magazine celebrating 29 years.

They do not accept submissions from May 1 to October 1.

There is a three dollar fee to submit online.  There is no fee to submit through snail mail.

Boulevard accepts simultaneous and multiple submissions.

They accept works up to 8,000 words, but no science fiction, erotica, westerns, horror, romance, or children’s stories.

There is no mention of a response time.

Boulevard pays a minimum of $100, maximum of $300

Submission Guidelines: American Short Fiction

American Short Fiction

American Short Fiction publishes online as well as their triannual print magazine.

They will not accept  multiple submissions but will look at simultaneous submissions.

There is a three dollar submission fee.

There are no set guidelines for length or topic.  Stories under 2,000 words are accepted for online publication.

American Short Fiction accepts submissions through online only.

They ask for a five month wait period.

American Short Fiction does not list a set amount for payment, but state it is “competitive.”

Submission Guidelines: ARDOR Literary Magazine

ARDOR Literary Magazine

ARDOR is a new, online magazine.  Their first publication came out in January 2013 and has published twice since.  The most recent edition is available at the website to view for free.

They accept multiple and simultaneous submissions.  Response time is two months, possibly shorter.

They do pay for publication, but they also have a submission fee to cover the cost of paying the authors.

May the muse be with you,

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