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Submission Guidelines: Iowa Review

Iowa Review

The Iowa Review, run by the writing and literature departments at the University of Iowa publishes three times a year.

Contest submissions are accepted in January, all other submissions from September through November.

The Iowa Review accepts simultaneous submissions.

Submissions are accepted online for a fee or through snail mail.

Response time is one to four months.

Iowa Review pays eight cents per word, one hundred dollars minimum

Submission Guidelines: River Styx

River Styx

River Styx has been around since the 70’s and publishes three times a year, one of which is themed.

They accept snail mail submissions from May 1 to November 30.

River Styx accepts simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

They ask for three to five months response time.

River Styx pays a one year subscription, two contributors copy, and a monetary amount based on funds, minimum of $75.

Submission Guidelines: Crab Orchard Review

Crab Orchard Review

Crab Orchard Review is a twice yearly print publication from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

They have specific rules for each release. The Summer/Fall issue is topic specific, submissions are accepted through snail mail only from October 1 through November 10. The Winter/Spring issue prints the winners of their contests and accepts submissions online.

Crab Orchard review asks for nine months response time, though most will hear back in one to five months.

They accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

Crab Orchard Review pays twenty-five dollars per published magazine page, two copies of that issue and a years subscription. Payment for contest winners is explained in the contest rules.

Submission Guidelines: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction

F & SF does not accept simultaneous or multiple submissions

They accept submissions through snail mail, and online. Online submissions are new and the information is posted here. There is a limited submission time using online.

F &SF pays seven to twelve cents per word. Manuscripts should be no more than 25,000 words.

They ask for eight weeks response time.

Submission Guidelines: The Writing Disorder

The Writing Disorder

The Writing Disorder is a quarterly literary magazine. The have no restrictions on subject or word length.  They even have  a spot specifically for full length manuscripts.

The Writing Disorder accepts submissions through email and snail mail.

They ask for three to six months response time.

The Writing disorder accepts simultaneous submissions, but not multiple.

There is no mention of payment for publication.

Submission Guidelines: Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil is dedicated to underground culture and publishes four times a year.

They accept submissions by snail mail, email, and online.

Submissions of 50 – 3000 words are accepted from February 1 to September 15.

There is no mention of multiple or simultaneous submissions.

Broken Pencil pays for publication, $50-75 for shorter pieces, up to $150 for longer pieces.

They do not list a set guideline for response time.

Submission Guidelines: Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review is a literary journal published twice a year by the University of Alaska Anchorage for over thirty years.

They accept simultaneous submissions, there is no mention of multiple submissions.

Alaska Quarterly Review accepts submissions through snail mail only.

They try to reply within six to sixteen weeks.

There is no mention if Alaska Quarterly Review pays for publication.

Submission Guidelines: Colorado Review

Colorado Review

The Colorado Review, run by Colorado State University’s Center for Literary Publishing, is published three times a year. The focus is on contemporary, they do not publish genre fiction.

Colorado Review accepts simultaneous submissions, no mention of multiple submissions.

They only accept submissions from August 1 to April 31, there is no mention of response time.

Colorado Review accepts submissions through snail mail and online.

There are samples available on the website to familiarize yourself with what they accept.

Colorado Review pays $200 for short stories, preferably 15 – 25 manuscript pages in length, as well as a years subscription.

Submission Guidelines: Funny Times

Funny Times

Funny Times is a monthly magazine that has been publishing for thirty years. Their focus is humor and satire.

They accept multiple submissions, but ask for no more than three to five at 500-700 words.

There is no mention of simultaneous submissions.

Funny Times only accepts submissions through snail mail.

They ask for a couple months for response time.

Funny Times pays $60 per story and a subscription to Funny Times.

Submission Guidelines: Connecticut Review

The Connecticut Review

The CT review is a biannual publication  since 1967 currently run by the Connecticut State Universities.

There is no mention of simultaneous or multiple submissions.

CT Review accepts submissions from September 1 through May 15 by snail mail only.

Response time is generally three to five months.

CT Review does not pay, but they offer two contributors copies of the issue.