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Writer’s Resource: Storyfix


Storyfix is author Larry Brooks’ website/blog.  He is most well-known for his books on writing, Story Engineering, where he breaks down what he calls the six core competencies of writing, and its sequel/companion, Story Physics. These two books are often promoted by Writer’s Digest, whom I mention back in my first post.

On his site, he talks about writing and offers his services for manuscript evaluations.  You can also buy his books while there, one of the few places they can be found.

May the Muse be with you,


Writing Resource: Free Resources to Improve Writing Skills

50 Free Resources that will Improve Your Writing Skills

This is an article posted by Smashing Magazine.  A good majority of the links are related to copywriting and blogging.  More are dedicated to grammar, which isn’t a bad thing. Based on some of the writing I’ve seen out there, this is a very good thing.

There are a few golden nuggets.  One is a reverse dictionary.  I know I get stuck sometimes because I can think of the meaning of the word I want, but not the word.  Another offered text analysis.  Some of the links take you to other sites that offer more free writing resources.

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