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Writer’s Resource: Alternatives to Duotrope

Author Alden

Some time ago, I posted about Duotrope, a submission tracker.  As a free alternative, I also mentioned Spacejock Software.  Spacejock is not the only free alternative to Duotrope.  The list on this site suggests an additional nine options, each with a specific focus.

May the Muse be with you,


Writer’s Resource: Duotrope


Duotrope is an online submission tracker.  Once upon a time, it was free, but now there is a small charge for membership.  Don’t want to pay, check out a previous post about spacejock software that offers a free submission tracker.

Why pay for the service?  Because you get to take advantage of the experience of all the other members.  The extensive list of magazines that publish stories and poetry also comes with a handy guide to how long other people waited for a response.

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Writer’s Resource: Spacejock Software

Spacejock Software

Spacejock offers free software that perform various tasks.  Relevant to this blog’s focus are:

yWriter5- a writing programs similar to Scrivener with a few less bells and whistles; and

Sonar3- a tracking system for who you have sent what stories and what was the response.  Similar to Duotrope, except your information is not available to others.  Which means you can’t learn from other people’s experiences, either.

Simon Haynes, the creator, proudly claims his software is virus free and walks you through how to ensure it is.

May the muse be with you,

Kelly Dunn