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Writer’s Resource: Word Count Spreadsheets

Now that you have your tools to motivate you to write, here are some options to keep track of how many words you write a day. Each offers a different layout

Jamie Raintree – It looks like an excel spreadsheet, but you have to email her to get a copy.

Keith Dumble – The Amazing Mechanical Wordcount Tracker, this is for Google Drive users only.

Justin McLachlan – an excel spreadsheet for download that changes colors as you progress

Sprint Shack – another excel spreadsheet

Jenny Trout – excel done up by week

Nerds and Nomsense – a guide on how to make your own spreadsheet

Finally, the previously mention Svenja Gosen

May the Muse be With You,


Writer’s Resource: Word Tracker

Word Tracker Spreadsheets

Svenja Liv, an artist, puts together excel spreadsheets, free to download, that will keep track of how many words written per day.  There are three options

1) Word count per day for just November (this one comes in a variety of designs, most related to shows)

2) Word count per day for the year

3) Word total  for November

Sure, you could create your own Excel spreadsheet to track how many words you written in how many hours, but why bother when someone has figured out the formulas for you.  It comes with pages for tracking characters and plot with bonus graphs and a comment line that cheers or harangues you depending on how well you are meeting the daily word count.

May the muse be with you,